PASS Summit 2012

Today is 19th June and after nearly busting @ the seams for a week or so, I can along with many others now annouce the news that I had a selected Abstract and will therefore be speaking @ this years PASS Summit...

I do feel special to have been chosen and I know a number of VERY talented and experienced speaker that where less fortunate.. So I have to pull oput all the stops to make this the BEST session I have ever given

My session is a longer version (= more Demo's) and somewhat different version than I give @ the last 24HOP- So I hope if you are @ the Summit you come along and say Hi and attend this session

I'm thinking on how to fit ~ 4K of you in a room for this session.. maybe I'm aiming a little too high on attendance numbers - but my last one @ PASS Summit had 310 attendee's, so let's try to double that @ least !

SQL Server 2012 Memory Management
Session Category: Regular Session (75 minutes)
Session Track: Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment
Speaker(s): Neil Hambly

SQL Server 2012 brings a wide range of changes, including a key change in how SQL Server memory is managed.

Earlier releases of SQL Server have two memory managers, which have now been merged into one. And that’s just the beginning of the changes for SQL Server memory.

This session will dive into SQL Server 2012's new memory architecture.
We'll see how to diagnose memory performance issues and gain insight into memory pressure issues.
We'll also cover the settings to adjust memory configuration levels and their impact.
Also Congrats to all the Summit 2012 Speakers, especially those based in the UK
Other News
Next Week I'm  going to be enjoying my 1st TechEd in Amsterdam (I'm not as speaker - hmm maybe next year) but helping represent PASS, so please come by the Booth and say Hello
We have  a number of UK events coming up.. this Thursday we have our 2nd SQL Relay Day in London
Still a few seats available for that
SQL London PASS Chapter has the website up and running for the events we have in London
 Next dates of the events are
  • 19th July {rescheduled from the 21st June)
  • 21st August
  • 19th Sept

We are helping to arrange a NEW Belfast Usergroup event in August on 9th (Speaker Neil Hambly & Alex Whittles)

I'll be @ Dev4Good the weekend of the 7th & 8th August  ... Should be a lot of fun


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