Review of 2012 Goals, Setting new ones for 2013

Before I post my goals for 2013 - Seperate posting I'll be doing on the 2nd {it is a tradition now It appears}

I'm first going to do a speedy review of my Success/Failures on my goals for 2012, Below is the list I had posted 2nd Jan 2012 for my 2012 goals - suspect I was too hungover for doing that on the 1st :-)

So simplicity I will colour them Green (Completed) and Red (failed or not attempted) and I'm going to be strict - Looking for 75% or more of these completed - Let's see how I fare'd

This also does not include any other *Stuff* I acheieved, even if it was instead of a goal here

SQL Conferences & Training Events

  • SQL Master Week # 2 (May 2012) Master Immersion Event on Performance
  • SQLPass Summit (will attend my 2nd Summit - Hopefully once again as a speaker) Yes I was a speaker once again @ the Summit
  • SQLRally (Dallas) 2012 Yes, thankfully was able to make this one and was a speaker @ the event {one of the highest rated ones :-) }
  • SQLRally Europe (if any event is planned) Yes , it was SQL Rally Nordic and I was a speaker @ the event
  • SQLSaturday #105 (Dublin) I will be Presenting @ this event Attended and alsop presented @ this event
  • SQLSaturday hopefully another 1-2 events (Chicago + ????) Presented @ 2 more SQLSaturdays
  • SQL BITS X / XI Events – hoping I will be able to present & attend @ these events Was @ SQLBits X (great event) also a presenter, they only held 1 event this year
  • SQLDay 2012 My 1st Event in Poland (Straight after SQLBits X) Was able to attend this event and presented as well
  • Present a 2-day Training Course (London)  Worked on this and got as far as scheduling some dates, but due to massive change in employment circumstances I moved this one in 2013 Goal


  • SQL FAQ London (8-10 Events) organize those & also present @ a few of those Acheieved
  • Further presentations @ 4-6 non-London locations, including perhaps a full day event Managed to do 4 Non-London events, sadly not including a Full-day one


Study & Pass the following 3 remaining Pre-Requisite Exams  Done

  • 70-450 & 70-433 & 70-451 - Planned for Feb/March Done
  • Exam 88 970: SQL Server 2008 Microsoft Certified Master: Knowledge Exam Passed on 1st attempt
  • Exam 88 971: SQL Server 2008 Microsoft Certified Master: Lab Exam Failed on 1st attempt
  • Read 3+ SQL Technical Books Read 4-5 {most of them SQL 2008}
  • Pass the MCM SQL Server 2008 in 1st half 2012 Failing lab exam

Work on compiling my "MCM Study Notes" (OneNote) for MCM Certification" and keep it going throughout the year Sad to say I let this one slip by.. So in 2013 I will get serious about adding a hellva lot more content


  • Complete my chapter as co-author for my SQL Server 2012 book
  • Write and hopefully get published another 2 Articles or contribute to another book
  • Technical reviewer role – hopefully also have a chance to become a technical reviewer


  • LinkedIn online resources, both mine and the UK SQL Server FAQ group Worked on LinkedIN resources some throughout the year
  • Forum Activity (Regular activity) with a target 100+ questions answered Nothing in this category - BIG item to focus on for 2013
  • Twitter - Regular activity on various Tags build following (target 1000 followers) Got to 1000 followers {just} and didn't tout for any
  • Blogs (min 25 technical in the year) + add a few non-technical as well Have to admit I focused on alot of other stuff and bloging was sparse @ best

Based on the following results, I'm giving a massive thumbs up with a 85% success rating on my Goals... Feel free to disagree with my own review if you feel so inclinded :-)


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