2013 UK events - SQLBits Community Voting

  • Compling a list of the upcoming SQL Server conference's just in the UK, it was Fun and there is PLENTY to tell everyone about

So in order here is the ones I'm privy to currently

  • SQLSaturday #194 - Exeter       8/9th March They firstly have some execllent Pre-con's and the Main event is the FREE Saturday on 8th May
  • SQLBits XI Nottingham              2-4th May    So after thier largest event in London in 2012, also the UK SQL Server 2012 technical launch, SQLBits the biggest UK/European SQL Conference is back
                • Please help choose the session's by voting for the amazing line-up submitted by a whole raft of speakers (UK & international ones), do this @ www.sqlbits.com
                • And for all the local usergroup attendee's, ask you group leader for their groups discount code for SQLBits XI  registration for the event opens soon (no retospective discounting
  • SQLSaturday #202 Edinburgh   7/8th June    With a pre-con by 2 of the SQLSkills team (see below some details on the courses SQLSkills are running in London throughout June 2013)
  • SQL Relay 2013  (8 Locations)  17-27th June - This is essential 8 individual 1-day events in 8 uk locations, each with thier own distinctive style and collobratng with local User groups
    • Glasgow            17th
    • Leeds                18th
    • Birmingham       19th
    • Norwich             20th
    • Cardiff                24th
    • Southampton     25th
    • Reading             26th
    • London              27th

Naturally they is a whole raft of local Usergroup events happening on a monhtly basis, best head over to www.sqlserverfaq.com for the latest and greatest details on those and to register for attending

More events will likely appear through the 1st half of 2013 and also for the 2nd half, so keep an eye out for annoucements

As I already mentioned SQLSkils are back in the UK (London) for the whole of June where they will once again run their Immersion courses, full details of these are on www.sqlskills.com but here is a quick run-down


IE1: Immersion Event on Internals & Performance London, UK: June 3-7, 2013  Click HERE for registration details.

IE2: Immersion Event on Performance Tuning         London, UK: June 10-14, 2013 Click HERE for registration details.

IE3: Immersion Event on High Availability & Disaster Recovery London, UK: June 17-21, 2013 Click HERE for registration details.

IE4: Immersion Event on Security, PowerShell, & Dev Support   London, UK: June 24-28, 2013 Click HERE for registration details.

They also have Community evenings on each Tuesdays evening during the courses that allows public to come along and get some of the SQLSkills experience, I'll provide more details on those closer to the dates

In Europe I know of 2 other events happening in the 1st half of 2013

For those who were not aware I recently was appointed Technical lead For Confio Software in UK, So if you would like to know more about Ignite how it can tackle performance problems, drop me an email @ NeilHambly@Confio.com


Finally a quick Roundup of my upcoming Presentations (Jan/Feb)

  • 9th Jan   Southampton Usergroup http://sqlsoton.sqlpass.org/   my session tackles 'Compression and Partitioning' with demos on just how you can tie it all together and how it can improve performance
  • 17th Jan Maidenhead UserGroup http://sqlserverfaq.com/default.aspx?EVTCTAG=Maidenhead my session is the 'Using Extended Events' one, come along and find out a thing or 2 about extneded events
  • 24th Jan London Usergroup http://sqllondon.sqlpass.org/ This is the group I help run, my session is the 'Using Extended Events' one {again}, come along and find out a thing or 2 about extneded events
  • Then I'm flying out to Miami to go on cruise, but not any old cruise this is a SQLCruise www.sqlcruise.com
    • I'll be doing a 2 hour Deeeeeep Dive on Memory for the attendee's and hopefully imparting some other tidbits of info about SQL in our TL workshops and throughout the whole week
    • And some snorkeling a s well, will see how it comapred to the snorkeling I did in Alaska on my last SQLCruise
  • Bit more time in US visitng my US team, perhaps doing a presentation to a local UG whilst out there as well {fingers crossed}

Once back in UK mid Feb will be looking foward to the 1st SQL Conference being #194 SQLSaturday in Exeter

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