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Today we received the PASS Connector emails, with the announcements of the 7 Candidates running in this BoD election, as you can see there are a total of 7 of us who made it through to the final stages

Announcing the PASS Board of Directors Candidates

The PASS Board of Directors has ratified the official slate for the upcoming Board elections, which begin this week. Three seats are up for election for the 2014-2015 term, including two regional seats: one representing EMEA and one representing the US/Canada; the third seat is an open seat with no regional restrictions.

Here are the candidates, listed in the order of their Nomination Committee ranking, and the seats for which they are eligible:

Allen Kinsel

US/Canada and Open

Tim Ford

US/Canada and Open

Amy Lewis

US/Canada and Open

Richard Douglas

EMEA and Open

Neil Hambly

EMEA and Open

Jen Stirrup

EMEA and Open

Ami Levin

US/Canada and Open

Voting will open end of day Pacific Time Sept. 25 and close at noon Pacific Time Sept. 30. Ballots will be sent to all PASS members in good standing as of June 13, 2013.

Before you cast your ballot, please review the process for awarding seats.


I'm sure you will have read a few if not all of the other blogs form the other candidates for their election campaigns and mine is no different in this regard

I want to elaborate on my particular brand of skills, experience and ideas I could bring to the PASS organization as board member, but surely first I would want to tell you how well 'suited' I would be for this role and how wonderful I would be as serving as a PASS BoD, though in total honestly I haven't held a board position before, I can really only speculate to you how my performance would be if I was given this important opportunity, with that said I would bring with me a ton of commitment for my time, energies and skills as well as multiple years of experience in the SQL Community
I would take the responsibility very seriously and do my utmost in any scenario I was given

Also for me and I'm sure for you, we'd like to know that who ever was elected they possessed @ least some of the traits that would make them a valuable and productive BoD member

Here are some of these traits I would look if I was looking to select someone who could be suitable for serving on the BoD

  • Can they review the facts presented, listening to all opinions and still can make the 'right decisions' when the time comes
  • Do they have 'Clear Vision' and belief in their own ideas, but can still make changes to these when it's needed to make them successful
  • Can the LISTEN and absorb and evaluate ideas and feedback from the members, and construct a plan to incorporate these elements as best can be provided
  • Be able to take ownership of the success or failure of teams work
  • Able to provide clear communication of ideas and projects in a coherent & concise manner to others, providing clarity of objectives and success criteria
  • Delegation of tasks, project management to deadlines and within assigned budgets when needed
  • Reporting of progress to PASS teams, tackling any issues that arise with calmness and appropriate allocation of resources when needed
  • Strong passion for growth of PASS and encouraging members engagement in PASS events
  • Be a respected member within the community, driven from long term on-going commitments to SQL Community
  • Experience of taking ownership of projects and teams to successful completion

I'm sure I could write a lot more of these traits, the question I would like to ask the members who are voting is what are the KEY issue or areas they wish to see addressed
Based on the information provided by the candidates, who could best provide those qualities for you and vote accordingly

The goals I would like to see are as follows 

Membership Engagement: I believe we can improve considerably within this area by focusing on the grassroots levels and developing our leadership programs to identify and encourage new leaders. We can also better promote existing events and increase the number of local and regional events to create a variety of in-person and virtual events to supplement and complement other PASS events (Summit, SQLRally, and SQLSaturday) and reach more database professionals throughout the world.


Languages: We have many existing and potential members whose primary language is not English. We need to hold events and have other resources available in local languages to fully engage these members. While this is already starting to happen, I would like to see these efforts enhanced. If we want to engage a more diverse cultural membership, we need to do it on their terms. This can include promoting multilingual communications about PASS events (in English and local languages), increasing the number of language-specific Virtual Chapters, and creating a more language-oriented PASS website.


New Presenters program: Becoming a PASS presenter can be a very rewarding experience. However, it can be challenging for new speakers, in the early days, to find opportunities to develop their presenting skills. I would like to see a program specially devised to help nurture these new presenters, help them find more opportunities to present, and ultimately help them become our future experienced presenters.

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Neil's BoD application.


Neil Hambly




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