Friday, October 24, 2003 4:38 PM nielsb

SQLXML SP2 Released

SQLXML enables XML support  for SQL Server databases (in addition to what FOR XML does natively in SQL 2K) In the SP1 release of SQLXML 3 Microsoft enabled (among other things) SOAP support. You can in other words expose your stored procedures, functions and templates as web services - multo cool! There were however "issues" with this if you ran Win Server 2003, and you had to jump through quite a few hoops to make it work.

Today I gave a lecture about SQLXML and I talked about Web Services and stored procs. I had a couple of days ago installed the new version, but not done any work with it, so I thought it'd be fun to check out if Microsoft had done anything to fix the Win 2003 issues. Guess what - I'm happy to report that exposing stored procs as web services now works "out of the box", wahoo!!!

The SP2 release also fixes other issues, and if you are using SQLXML this release is a MUST. Get it from here.


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