Monday, October 27, 2003 9:03 PM nielsb

Yukon and the CLR

I am sitting in, listening on Jose Blakely and co talking about Yukon and the CLR. Jose has covered how easy it is to use Visual Studio.NET to create a user defined function in C#. In the Whidbey release there is a SQL Server project allowing you to directly create code that runs inside of Yukon. When you build and deploy the assemblies are automatically deployed into Yukon - very cool!

I have had the chance to work with this for over a year now and it is amazing the difference between now and a year ago. Granted, there are still many, many rough edges but they will be softened until release.

Something really intersting and useful is how you can now create your own user defined types in Yukon. Sure, you could do that in previous versions of SQL as well, but the types had to be based on existing data types in SQL. In Yukon you can (ouch) create CLR types and they are treated as native Yukon types. The types you create can have properties and methods as any other types and they can be manipulated both fom T-SQL as well as data access API's.

Now back to the talk.

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