Friday, October 31, 2003 12:46 PM nielsb

The end is just the beginning

The PDC is over, but this is just the beginning of something very exciting. I have worked with some of the technologies announced at the PDC for over a year now, and I can't wait to interact with everyone else out there and see what you think about the new technologies.

Some final thoughts about the PDC:

  • As so many other says,(Sam is just an example), this PDC was probably one of the best ever. Thank you Microsoft for bringing it on, and THANK YOU all attendees for turning up and showing such enthusiams!!
  • This PDC was all about Longhorn and technologies within Longhorn: Avalon, Aero, Indigo (yes I know, Indigo may be released before Longhorn, but anyway...).
  • Whidbey was second and Yukon way behind in third.
  • Personally I am very disappointed with the relative sparse coverage of Yukon, and especially developer related topics. At least we got the bits.
  • Speaking of bits; we should all be aware that the bits we received ranges from pre-Alpha to Beta 1. In oher words:
    • things may not work
    • things may work differently in later releases
    • things may be cut! Anyone remember IMDB back in the days of the first release of COM+?!

For me personally the big thing at this PDC was - besides Yukon of course - Indigo. I have always been interested in message based applications/achitectures so this is extremely interesting for me.


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