December 2003 - Posts

I have not posted much about Yukon lately for various reasons. In the meantime however, Tim Sneath from Microsoft here in UK has posted a couple of really good and informative articles about Yukon and the CLR.

Having said this, it is now time to break for Christmas. I wish everyone a very merry and relaxing holidays!! 

It's been fairly quiet on the Yukon front in terms of newspaper articles later. Well, here's one that talks about Yukon in realtion toLonghorn and WinFS. Doesn't say much new however.

Earlier this year I wrote about VPC and how good it was, and Peter (geeknoise) among others have blogged about how they use VPC as their primary development environment. At the time when I wrote about VPC last time I had wimped out and didn't use it as my production environment, teaching etc. off it. I only used it for various and sundry beta software.

When i got back from Korea however I decided to bite the bullet and use it full out, and I believe the title says it all! I have now an XP Host, with MS Office, newsgroup reader, IE etc. I do not have any dev tools installed at all!

I then have a base-line Win 2003 server virtual machine (.vhd file) with all peripheral software needed for both production as well as beta. Some of the software installed is: Emacs, .NET Framework 1.1, VB 6, SQL Server 2000 as named instance (not default), WinDbg, SOAP Toolkit, SQLXML, etc. With this setup it is a doodle "re-paving" and installing the software I need either for production or some beta-test.

The only problem I have at the moment (albeit a minor one) is that for some reason, Right-Alt-Enter (change to or from full-screen mode) doesn't work properly. It changes the mode all right but at the same time it screws up the keyboard so it behaves like I keep pressing the Control key. If I change to full screen mode from the menu it works fine. However to change back I need to use Right-Alt-Enter, which causes problems. By accident I came across a "fix": after having used Right-Alt-Enter, if I go into the Virtual PC Console and chooses "Settings" for the particular virtual machine and then just presses "OK" everything is back to normal. Very Bizzare!!

But as I said, it is a minor problem and I'm extremely happy with this setup! 

dasBlog has a nifty little feature, where it allows you to x-post to other blog-sites. This comes in handy if you, as me, keep blogs on different sites. I have had a hard time getting it to work, but now when I've had some spare time, I believe I have worked out the snags. Let's see.