February 2004 - Posts

By now, all of us probably know that SQL Server Yukon hosts the CLR, and this is what gives use the possibility to write code running in SQL Server using .NET languages.

Being host of the CLR brings on some interesting issues in the case of SQL Server: issues like memory management, thrading etc. If you are interested in the ins and outs of CLR hosting Chris Brumme has a new post on his blog about it. As allhis posts it is definitely worth reading.

Oh and BTW, in our new book we spend a chapter discussing this. The book won't be out in a while yet, so go ahead and read Chris post.

It seems my X-posting has stopped working. Let's see if this fixes it.

I just finished this weeks ASP.NET class here in London, and I had a great bunch of students. Thanks to you all!!

I'll spend this weekend prepping for nexts weeks DevWeek conference also here in London.

For the first time we have a dedicated SQL Server track, and I'll be giving six sessions. All but two are about Yukon:

  • Tuesday 24/02: 14:00 Write SQL Procs, Functions etc. in CLR
  • Tuesday 24/02: 16:00 The SQL Server In Process Provider
  • Wednesday 25/02: 14:00 Transactional Programming in ADO.NET
  • Wednesday 25/02: 16:00 XML Support in Yukon
  • Thursday 26/02: 11:30 SQL Server Service Broker
  • Thursday 26/02: 16:00 Custome Delivery Protocols for Notification Services

So if you are there, please come by and say Hi!

Kent S reported how there are plans for a public Whidbey beta in June. As Whidbey is fairly closeley coupled to Yukon (or rather vice versa), I wonder if we may see something for Yukon as well in that timeframe. I guess we have to wait and see (pray).

Speaking of Yukon, I have lately played more with Service Broker and it is an amazing piece of technology. As soon a I get some spare time I'll post some articles about what I've been doing.