Tuesday, July 20, 2004 5:27 AM nielsb

Back in the Land of Living

I'm back! Hopefully I'll be able to be a bit more active in posting than what I have been before. Some of the reasons for my absence is loads and loads of travel for DevelopMentor, mostly doing the Yukon class. The last months I have been in: India, Japan (twice), New York and Munich (twice). In addition to this, I have been doing gigs here in UK as well.

However, some great news: The Book is done and published!!! The book in question is:  "A First look at Microsoft SQL Server 2005 for Developers". I co-authored it together with Bob Beauchemin and Dan Sullivan, fellow instructors at DevelopMentor. Bob has, by the way, finally given in and started a blog. If you are interested in anything database related, you should definitely subscribe!

The book is supposed to cover the upcoming Beta 2 release of SQL Server 2005. Obviously we had to finish it way before the final build(s) of beta 2 so there are definitely things in the book that doesn't match up with "reality" (they did when we wrote about it), one thing for example our chapter of ObjectSpaces! Anyway, Bob keeps errata and changes for the book here. If you read the book and find any errors, please report it to us.


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