Tuesday, July 27, 2004 11:26 PM nielsb

SQL Server 2005 Installation

So the party has begun - SQL Server 2005 is released, as many out in the blog-sphere has already reported. And Whidbey (excuse me Visual studio 2005) Beta 1 is also released.

You may notice that the CLR versions of VS and SQL2K5 are different. VS is 40607.16 whereas SQL2K5 is .42. This can have consequences when installing the stuff. To be on the safe side, install SQL2K5 first followed by VS. That way the latest CLR (.42) will be installed, which SQL2K5 requires, and VS will play just nicely with this build. If you however already have installed VS, then SQL will complain about not having the right CLR version. If this is the case, un-install the CLR and then install SQL, followed by VS.

Have Fun!!

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