Friday, June 17, 2005 12:30 AM nielsb

SQL Server 2005 Service Broker Challange

[BrokerChallenge 0] SEND me a message:

Over the past week I have been planning to launch the first open to public Service Broker. At the same time, my dev team was having a discussion regarding how we can do something cool and interesting to get the community involved in our product. So I decided to setup simple services on my public Service Broker to let people tinker around with it. This is the zeroth in a series of BrokerChalleges; zero since it requires hardly any skill, just the motivation to play with cool technology….

[Via Write Ahead Blog]

I saw this yesterday. Rushi has issued a challange to connect up to his Service Broker service. I’m at a gig at the moment in Spain, and they won’t let me poke a hole in their firewall (spoilsports), but next week…. Anyone going to beat me to it??



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