Tuesday, June 21, 2005 10:10 AM nielsb

SQlClrProject - Visual Studio Project Type for SQL Server 2005

I have the pleasure to introduce the SqlClrProject project type.

The SqlClrProject is a project type for Visual Studio 2005 for creation and deployment of assemblies to SQL Server 2005. It consists of  templates for both Visual C# (C#) and Visual  Basic (VB) with skeleton code for creation of CLR methods to be used as stored procedures, User Defined Functions (UDF’s), triggers, User Defined Types (UDT’s) and User Defined Aggregates (UDA’s). Some of the features are:

  • Ability to deploy the assembly to SQL Server and create the SQL Server methods, all from inside the Visual Studio IDE.
  • Automatic creation of T-SQL deployment scripts.
  • Versioning of assemblies in SQL Server.
  • Ability to alter an assembly and only deploy newly added methods from the assembly.
  • The ability to use attributes to define in CLR code the size, precision and scale of the parameters and return types that will be created in SQL Server.

It can be used with any SKU of Visual Studio 2005, and you get it from here. What you down-load is a zip file. Un-zip the file to some arbitrary directory and read the README.txt file in the root directory.

Comments are as usual very welcome!!!

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