Friday, June 24, 2005 4:41 AM nielsb

SQL Server 2005 Service Broker Challenge is Over

Solution to BrokerChallenge 0:

It has been a week since I posted BrokerChallenge 0 and I am quite happy to see several people successfully cracked it. Still others gave it a shot but were not completely successful. So I decided to post the solution to the challenge. You can get the sample T-SQL script from here and modify it to suit your hostname, port and database name…

[Via Write Ahead Blog]

The challenge is over, and I never got into the Broker Hall of Fame. :-( I don’t know why customers don’t want to open up ports in their firewalls: “Hey Mr Customer, can you please open port 4022 in your firewall. I need to have that port open to be able to get into the Broker hall of Fame”. They just look at me strangely and walks away, hmpf!!

Congrats to all of you that managed to solve the challenge. Maybe in the future we’ll have some tools that helps us with setting this up.

Stay tuned for new challenges from Rushi!!


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