Wednesday, July 13, 2005 10:29 AM nielsb

New Release of SQL Server Service Broker Admin tool

Back in May I released the, then, latest version of SSB Admin; an administration tool for SQL Server Service Broker. Since then I have been travelling a lot (Portugal, Spain, India – to mention a few places) and not have had time to do much work with it. However, there has been some development and today I have uploaded a new version of SSB Admin. Some new stuff:

  • Added functionality to create users and logins. This was needed in order to create Certificates and Endpoints (see below).
  • Added functionality to create Service Broker endpoints.
  • Added functionality to create certificates.
  • Changed the behavior when  looking at a service. Previously you’d only see conversations for that service which were in a “conversing” state. It is now changed so you’ll see all conversations (including ended, errors etc.).
  • Added the functionality to be able to filter what conversations to see when looking at a service. You can filter on Source (Target or Initiator) and/or State.

Download it from here and unzip it. Then read the README.doc document.

As always, comments, flames etc. are very welcome.


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