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SQL Server Service Broker Examples

Recently there has been questions on some of the newsgroups about examples for SQL Server Service Broker. So, yesterday on a flight back to England I crofted up three different SQL Server projects as examples:

  • LocalSample
  • RemoteSampleServer1
  • RemoteSampleServer2

All three examples are jus your very basic “Hello World” example, but they show:

  • LocalSample – communication between two databases on the same SQL server instance. MasterKeys in a database and the database being TrustWorthy
  • RemoteSampleServerX – These two samples are meant to run on two different machines/instances and in the samples you set up both transport security and dialog security by using Certificates.

Download the zip file from here [0], unzip and read the README.txt file, and – Have Fun!!

[0] :


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