Back in December (26:th to be exact) I released a new version of the SqlClrProject and wrote about it here [0].

One drawback of the deployment functionality was that you could only deploy locally as the deployment process used the CREATE ASSEMBLY based on the location of the assembly; i.e. CREATE ASSEMBLY myasm FROM 'path_to_dll'.

Well, this is now fixed, as I have chenged the code so it now uses the binary representation of the assembly. You who know your CREATE ASSEMBLY stuff may think "what about dependent assemblies?" as dependent assemblies are not automatically deployed when using the binary representation. Well, the code handles that as well, it uses reflection to see what the dependent assemblies are and retrieves the binary representation of those as well during deployment.

So if you have installed the original SqlClrProject which was available from here [1], there is now an update here [2]. Download the update, un-zip and follow the readme.txt. The original download has now been updated as well, so if you haven't retrived it yet, go and get it [3].