..... the hell has frozen over. What am I on about?

I wrote in my earlier post today that I was checking out a new blog client, and that the reason for it would become clear in a future post - well this is it. I have trough out my whole computing life been a Microsoft/Windows guy through and through. I started way back in the Windows 1.0 days and I have been faithful ever since.

Actually that is a lie, I had a fling with Red hat Linux for two days - but that is all. It has been Microsoft and Windows for me. I have been beta testing all the various Windows releases, and I must say I have been fairly happy with them all (well, I don't know about Windows Bob), and have used them in production way before they've RTM:ed.

Until now that is, and Vista. When I first heard about Longhorn, I was really, really excited and thought this was going to be great - that was PDC 2003 BTW. Well, we know what happened, but I was still excited and looked forward to the beta cycle for the "new" Longhorn - Vista.

For each beta release I have installed it, tried to work with it and as quickly un-installed it. For me Vista is almost the new Bob! Its is fancy window dressing, but not much more. And most of the added features of Vista can be had with other OS:es. One huge difference is that, especially when it comes to security features, they are usable in other OS:es compared to Vista.

Now, here's the part why hell has frozen over; I have switched to OSX. Ever since Apple decided to go Intel, I have glanced towards the Apple space. I guess what pushed me over was Parallels. As I still make my living teaching in the Windows space, I can now have the best of both worlds, running OSX as my host and Windows virtual machines. For the last couple of weeks. I have used OSX for a while now, and I must say it is a really nice OS (heck, any OS that includes Emacs must be OK). I have had surprisingly few issues, it just works.

So, there we go. I will undoubtedly install Vista, at least on a VM, cause Vista will have some really nice features that I am extremely interested in; the transactional filesystem to mention one - but for now my main OS is OSX.