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So Litespeed is going to have a new owner.

Quest have announced the intention to purchase Imceda.


Interesting given the product set that Imceda have. I am very keen to see investment in SQL Turbo which on the surface looks very good but lacks the polish of an established product.

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People often talk about killer apps and often its something really simple that just is so useable. Having this functionality in a web site is just awesome. I remember 6-7 years ago when streetmap almost closed due to lack of funding, now it doesn't have enough space for all its adds.

Google maps takes it to another level


Combine with listings and WOW


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As ever Adam is on the case. http://sqljunkies.com/WebLog/amachanic/archive/2005/04/18/12001.aspx

MS have announced that future releases of VS and SQL 2005 will be CTPs and not betas.

Full press article http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/press/2005/apr05/04-18VSSQL2005PR.asp

With the availability of SQL 2005 and associated information, webcasts, labs etc (http://www.sqlskills.com/blogs/kimberly/PermaLink.aspx?guid=04839180-3719-475c-b606-fd0503b2667a) this is a big push. so maybe 2005 is achievable

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Well thought I would setup multi server admin on my db boxes this week, number of boxes is getting to large to manage individually.

So I thought rigth I using the same domain account on all boxes no problem, windows authentication through and through for me.

I duely right clicked on SQL Agent, configure as master server, promptly filled in the boxes and selected windows authentication. I was then provided with a nice helpful error message "the account 'mydomain\myserviceaccount' is not a valid MSX acount. Contact the MSX administrator to get MSX account information". Well I am the administrator so I called myself but I still had no idea. This account is a full sysadmin so can't see what the problem is

Looking in BOL still nothing. So I get profiler out and find the last call is sp_helprolemember N'TargetServersRole'. I then find http://www.sqlservercentral.com/columnists/bkelley/sp3coresecurity.asp and realise that the service account has to be a member of the TargetServersRole in the msdb database.

Once added all seems well, obviously something that has not been updated in BOL.

So basically even if your service account is a sysadmin, you need to ensure the user is added to the TargetServersRole role in the msdb database.


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