Not a valid MSX Account

Well thought I would setup multi server admin on my db boxes this week, number of boxes is getting to large to manage individually.

So I thought rigth I using the same domain account on all boxes no problem, windows authentication through and through for me.

I duely right clicked on SQL Agent, configure as master server, promptly filled in the boxes and selected windows authentication. I was then provided with a nice helpful error message "the account 'mydomain\myserviceaccount' is not a valid MSX acount. Contact the MSX administrator to get MSX account information". Well I am the administrator so I called myself but I still had no idea. This account is a full sysadmin so can't see what the problem is

Looking in BOL still nothing. So I get profiler out and find the last call is sp_helprolemember N'TargetServersRole'. I then find and realise that the service account has to be a member of the TargetServersRole in the msdb database.

Once added all seems well, obviously something that has not been updated in BOL.

So basically even if your service account is a sysadmin, you need to ensure the user is added to the TargetServersRole role in the msdb database.


Published Friday, April 1, 2005 5:29 AM by simonsabin


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