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To get BizTalk Server 2006 Beta 1:

1.  Log into https://beta.microsoft.com  <http://go.microsoft.com/?linkid=3665973 >using your Microsoft ® Passport Network Account.
2. Click on “Sign in as Guest” and use the Guest ID “BizTalkBetaTeam”
3. On the top navigation under "Enrolled Betas" navigate through "BizTalk Server 2006" and click on "Program Info". Then on the left side click on “Survey” and complete the “BizTalk Server 2006 Open Beta Nomination Form”
4. Complete and submit the form.
Within 1-2 business days you should receive a confirmation letter from Microsoft welcoming you to the BizTalk Server 2006 Beta Program. This letter will contain additional information on where to download the Beta and access the support newsgroup.

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Well not quite .net but still. I have been working back in Central London for almost 6 months now and one thing that has started to bug me is rubbish. London isn't littered with rubbish :) but in some areas there just aren't any bins.

I understand it is a considered security risk but what am I supposed to do with my crisp packet or banana skin ?

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I have been checking on and off for a while for the launch of Virtual Earth after then mentioned a July 15th drop on channel9. At the weekend the site fell off the web so I guessed something was going on.

Weel its now live http://virtualearth.msn.com/ 

Looks good, integrates with the scroll button on your mouse. overlay of streets is great, multiple searches displayed on your view, Search is automatically filtered by your zoom. Try it out

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I am working on a IIS log parser custom component for SSIS. This is my first SSIS custom component so getting to grips with,

metadata, column collections, nuances of debugging.

Well I have finally got it working. I will be blogging about it more later, but at the heart is log parser 2.2 so trying to integrate all the power of that into SSIS. Once you get round the basics of debugging etc, SSIS does provide a great framework for adding in custom components

Things I like,

  1. full debugging capability
  2. Type safety
  3. performance
  4. ease of use

More later

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Looks like we now have the metablog api enabled.


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So you may have noticed I've been raising suggestions/bugs against SQL 2005, and generally getting a good response from MS on them. However the latest just makes me laugh


In SQL Profiler if your have captured a load of SQL you used to be able to select the rows you want and the SQL associated with the rows is displayed and you can then copy it.

Well in 2005 you can still select the rows, BUT the SQL is ONLY displayed if you select the last statement first. How obsurd.

This has bug has been closed "By Design" well I am all in favour of the SQL guys having designed some great stuff, but the person that has "Designed" this must be on another planet.

If you want to see the behaviour there is a little media player file attached to the bug above.

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So I've got machines with SQL 2005 and some with SQL 2000 so I switching between QA and SSMS.

I've already mentioned what I thnk is great about SSMS, I've still got to do my list of fav items in the engine, and there are plenty. However there ones thing that gets me everytime I start QA.

Its really light weight takes seconds to load and runa query. Very nice and simple.

I think there should be included a ligthweight graphical query tool, that can be installed with 2005. This is espeically true on a server. Do you really want to load an app that takes almost a minute to load and takes up 70Mb of precious memory.

So I vote to keep QA, well at least be able to install it instead of SSMS.

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The following link will list any bugs suggestions raised in the past day.


You can create your own search using the advanced search option. Keep an eye on anythign that is important to you and support the sugegstion/bug if it is.

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A new feature of SQL 2005 allows you to include the column headers when copyig from the results of a query.

However when I've used it I found that only on rare occasions do I want to have the column headers and in most cases I just want the data. The settting is not easy to change which means I have opted to leave it off.

Erland has suggested changing the implementation to use an addition context menu option of "copy with headers". This enables you to have you cake and eat it. Suggestion can be found here


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Ok So in the picture of my last post I had a Derived Column. This was to see if having a single field with the address in changed the fuzzy lookup. So I add a derived lookup to concatenate the field

However I found most of the data was coming out as null, and I realised nulls concatenated result in NULL and therefore you need to code round it.

So the derived column uses the following bit of code

(ISNULL(address1) ? "" : address1) + (ISNULL(address2) ? "" : address2) + (ISNULL(address3) ? "" : address3) + (ISNULL(address4) ? "" : address4) + (ISNULL(postcode) ? "" : postcode)

A couple of pointers, the ? indicates the question with the : seperating the true and false options. The other is the brackets(braces) you need these to ensure the code works, this gets syntax checked for type safety. If the brackets weren't there you would have a string (address1) being concatenated with a boolean (ISNULL(address2)) etc. Therefore the brackets result in strings being concatenated with strings

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