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If you've used SSIS and created script tasks or components you may have wondered how to get information out of them into the debug window or the progress status.

To achieve these we need to fire events. Both the script task and script component have the ability to fire events. Slightly different location for the methods, in the Script Task you use,


and in the Script Component you use,


Where ???? is the event to fire. Look up BOL for the different types of events, and what they each mean.

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Just a little note that if you want to use XML documents in SSIS custom components i.e.load XML data into a DOM to process it you need to add a reference to System.Xml.

Add reference is available in the Project drop down.

A few people have been stumped by this.

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So the launch events have been planned in the UK. They are as follows

Tuesday 8th November 2005 - International Conference Centre, (ICC) Birmingham

Followed by regional launches ;

November 15th - Novotel London West - One Shortlands, London, W6 8DR
November 22nd - Harrogate International Centre, Kings Road, Harrogate, HG1 5LA
December 7th - Edinburgh Corn Exchange, 11 Newmarket Road, Edinburgh EH14 1RJ

Details can be found with the following links

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As I mentioned before I am working on a custom component to add the name of the column that caused a row in a flow to fail.

I need to package this up and make it available somehow.

Probably going to setup a simple site to hold these files, can anyone recommend a good hosting company.


This is now available here "Files: Enhanced Error Component"

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Looking back it was a long time ago that Euan G and Patrick Conlan came to the UK and showed us Yukon for the first time. On thing I remember was Euan showing us intellisense.

Well you will I am sure know by now that SQL Server 2005 doesn't have intellisense any more. It was pulled.

Anthony Bloesh has posted about the difficulties of doing intellisense and other coding enhancements in TSQL. I am sure a lot of this is from the experience

Interestingly a lot has been said about the structure of SQL select statements following the intitial decision in DLink to have VB go for the select ... from.. where style while C# has gone for the from ... where ... select .. structure.

I can see both sides of the argument, and sitting on the fence I agree with both. I don't want to scroll all the way down a section of code to find what is being output, but then again I can see its obvious that you cant intellisense the select until the from is written.

I think the c# will prevail.

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It was clear talking to the MS guys at the PDC that the focus has been on shipping Yukon and not the next version, to the extent that work on the next version was stopped to focus on Yukon. As we are getting nearer the ship data requests for the new features in the next version are starting.

The SQL Server Engine team have asked for requests on their blog, whilst Kirk has asked for requests for the next version of SSIS on the forums

So if there is something you don't like or something you want ask now whilst the next version is on the drawing board.

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Andrew Conrad  has highlighted how his blog has been floated and Bryant Likes has bought most of the shares.

See what your blogs worth

Seems i'm doing quite well in the SSIS world of blogs.

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The following are the custom components I am working on


  • SQL profiler log file Source
    • Reads SQL Profiler files
  • Log parser source (In progress)
    • Reads IIS log files and copes with restarts that repeat the column names in the files


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Kirk recently asked for feedback on what would be good in future versions of SSIS

Here is my current list.

  1. Advanced Editor support for >1 input. (This should enable the script component with > 1 input)
  2. Read only access to the whole package from componentmetadata, not just that related to the component.
  3. Parallel For each loops. Performance.
  4. Option on Raw file to create once per package. This allows the same raw destination to be used in a loop
  5. Debug support for script component (not just the task)
  6. Parallel multicast. Says it all really performance (I know the memory issue but it should be an option. Allows for the creation of a new execution tree. It would be great if the compiler (process that produces execution tree) could figure this out. This would probably need to now the distribution of data being processed.
  7. Suggest Types for flat files to provide the option of reading a whole file. This is to avoid encountering bugs during run time, which is very time consuming.
  8. Suggest types for flat files to all for data to be just strings, rather than convert data to proper types. This is for performance
  9. IIS Log file connection both source and destination would be good. But would settle for source.
  10. Multiple data readers out of package. This would enable a package to produce multiple summaries and have them consumed by a report or other application.
  11. Be able to drag a connection from one component to another. Its a real pain to delete one connection to be recreate it to the other component. This looses any data viewers
  12. UNDO, the ability to undo actions. many currently can't be undone.

For list of all users request go to the forum post¬ification_id=212223&message_id=212223&agent=messenger

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If youre in a complete muddle about what to install and where then try looking at before you continue. It appears that all bits don't work together :(-
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