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I've been around computers for many years now probably about 20 and have used scanners for probably 15 of those years and what has changed.

Very little if anything.

The reason for this rant is two fold. Firstly I am at the end of a scanning marathon, I finally got the cameras we had on the tables at our wedding developed and wanted to scan the pictures. 17 films x 26 exposures = lots of scanning, I have been scanning the negatives so can do that 4 at a time. This wouldn't be too bad if I could set the sanner going to do a set and carry on with something worth while. oh no. The scanner software (i presume the TWAIN interface bit) pops up and takes focus almost every tick of the progress bar. This means you can't do anything else, because this thing keeps popping up and getting in the way.

The second thing, and is possibly the reason for the previous annoyance, is that scanners have to be one of the most temperamental components of a computer I have experienced. They do one of a few things, don't get recognised by the PC, only work with some programs, produce bizarre results (negatives, mirrors), or just crash the PC. I agree that things have got better especially with USB interfaces but they are still a pain.

And finally (yes I know I said 2), the actual user interface, I know its used by lots of different sources, picture programs, publishing programs, etc. but still the generic interface really needs some improvement. For example the software I have allows you to scan multiple pictures, however if you need to skip a picture half way through you can't you have to save the lot you have already done or start from scratch.

Anyway I just wish they would improve the scanning user experience.

Rant over. (just don't get my on the location for storing pictures)



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I'm not a c# expert, but I likt to think I can get to the bottom of most stuff. This especially true with the way I think most of .Net is written, its fairly obvious once you think about it. However events are something that has just got me.

So I've created a class with an event on it and then tried to raise the event only to get a null exception !! whats that about. I've used the same code to raise the event, myEvent (this, args).

So I google and as ever find the answer quite quickly. The issue I have is that I was raising the event at a point where there are no handlers attached to the event i.e. the constructor. Therefore when the event was raise there wasn't any where to raise it to so you get the null exception. The way round it is to put some null checking in.

myEventHandler foo = myEvent;
if (foo!=null)
   foo(this, args)

Thanks to Roland for the pointers and the argument that this isn't intuitive. I agree.

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I have decided to start putting together a list of SQL Server Events that are happening in the next year, this is my current list.

A couple I would highlight,

  • The Kimberley Tripp day seminars run the the UK SQL Server User group are a bargin at £149. Based on experience they will be great, really intense with indepth and very interactive. Plus Kimberley  is a great presenter.
  • The UK Community Launch in Feb is being run by me and you’ll have the chance of winning copies of SQL, Visual Studio Pro and training vouchers, plus hoepfull some books.
  • and finally The SQL Mag event includes a free subscription to the digital subscription to SQL Mag And can be upgraded to a print copy for an the extra ($29.95)

Events and Training

Event Date Price Location URL
MSDN Webcast: SQL Masterclass: The New XML Data Type (Level 300) 20 Dec 2005, 05:00 PM Free Online
SQL 2005 UK Community Launch Feb 09 2006 Free Reading (UK)
SQL Server 2005 Up and Running Roadshow Feb 06 2006 £69 London
European PASS Feb 22–24 2006 €745 Barcelona
Indexes from Every Angle - Internals, Statistics, Performance, Maintenance (Kimberly Tripp) March 14 2006 £149 Reading (UK)
SQL Server 2005 Practical Guide to Availability and Recovery (Kimberly Tripp) March 14 2006 £149 Reading (UK)
SqlConnections April 2 -5 2006 $1,295 Las Vegas
DevTeach May 8-12 2006 $767.11 Montreal
Microsoft Tech 2006 June 11–16 2006 $995

Boston, MA
US PASS Nov 14–17 2006 $995


Microsoft  Free eLearning

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When using loops in Integration Services you can set the value of sub tasks using expressions. If these epxressions are to be based on the values obtained in the loop I advise that rather than using a complex expression in the task. Instead set a variable to be the complex expression and then set the expression of the task to that variable.

This allows very easy debugging, because you easily see the variables at runtime in the debug windows (Locals)

You can then reuse that value multiple times, i.e. if you want to obtain the name of the file not the complete path. This variable can then be passed to say a script task to provide additional logging/debug information.

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I have found that occasionally errors that occur in a script component can cause the package to fail but the error is lost.

This might sound like an obvious statement, but I advise that you use the try catch block in your script component. This is especially true when populating a column with a value as this is the most likely cause of errors in script components and largely down to truncation errors.

If you want to redirect errors to another output this is also essential.

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I have finally got my Enhanced Error Component online.

You can download it from here

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Its always funny when websites forget to change their holding page, I would have expected better from MSDN.

Trying to access the MSDN SSIS forum I just got

"The Microsoft Forums are currently down for maintenance. We apologize for this inconvenience while we update the site. The site should be back up by Thursday November 3rd 1700 PST. Please check back then."

I do hope that I don't have to wait for 11 months :)

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For a while now there have been a few Simons out there that have ranked higher than me for SQL. Well I've just checked and this blog is now positioned no 1 for Simon SQL which is very pleasing.

Just hope everyone finds the content useful.

Just need to get the raw SQL ranking up :)

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Ever wanted to load balance packages, well there is now information on running and logging load balanced packages in Intergration services in Books Online.

Paste this link in the URL in BOL to find the start page ms-help://MS.SQLCC.v9/MS.SQLSVR.v9.en/extran9/html/9281c5f8-8da3-4ae8-8142-53c5919a4cfe.htm

To find out what else is new go to this link ms-help://MS.SQLCC.v9/MS.SQLSVR.v9.en/sqlwhtn9/html/2b6de7dc-e5c5-4c9c-b92b-fbcccaecf9fa.htm

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Books online has, as promised, been updated and available for download from Microsoft. However there are still no pages covering the standard errors in SQL Server as there were in SQL Server 2000 BOL. Look in 2000 BOL for "220" and you get a nice description of error 220 "Arithmetic overflow error for data type %ls, value = %ld." however look in 2005 and nothing. I've been told they will be available in a central place online, but I still can't find anything.

( I mentioned this before but still no luck)

Thanks to Euan G for the notification about the update

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