Cvs for IT jobs

I'm recruiting again at the moment and havign to sift through loads of CVs 2 things that amuses/annoys me are

1. Putting MSDOS and Office as skills. Why?

You're applying for a job in IT, if you feel you need to enhance you list of skills with outdated and general skills then one has to start wondering about your calibre. If you can't use word you should be, where have you been for the past decade, MARS!

2. Putting too much history.

I don't really care that you wrote a program on a ZX spectrum to repeat Hello World all over the screen in the 80s.

What I want to know is what have you done that is going to make you a good fit for the role I'm recruiting.

To this end I am all for tailoring CVs for the job, We've all done lots of stuff thats really, cool, clever, saved lots of money etc. But much of the time, only a small proportion of those things are relevant for the job your applying for.

Keep it focused.

Published Wednesday, January 4, 2006 9:22 AM by simonsabin


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