Make your CV stand out

Following on from my previous post on CVs I thought I would see if I could get as much response from another post on CVs.

Make your CV standout, when reading CVs. I am looking for ones that standout, these are generally those that, rather than just stating what the job role is, goes into detail about the difference the person made. For example, a previous experience that looks something like this doesn't do anything but tell me that you can copy topics from BOL,

May 2001 - Current      Some Big Company

Senior DBA responsible for 100 database servers. Tasks include

  • Backup and restores
  • DR plan
  • Index maintenance
  • Maintenance Plans
  • SQL Agent Jobs
  • DTS
  • Batch jobs in TSQL using cursors
  • Performance montioring using profiler and perfmon

Whereas the following indicates a bit more aptitude and the difference is that it shows the result of your actions and one can infer the above

May 2001 - Current      Some Big Company

Senior DBA responsible for 100 database servers with an availability of 99.999% for 24x7. Work undertaken include

  • Implemented monitoring solution using NetIQ
  • Automated operational checks reducing proactive checking to 5 mins per hour from a full time job
  • Improved failover time for DR from 2 hrs to 10minutes.
  • Proactively monitored servers reducing incidents from 20/month before I joined to 5/month.
  • Reduced a number of batch processes by 300%

Bottom line is that I'm looking for makes me want to employ you and not the other person thats done exactly the same thing.

Its all about getting to the next stage when you can explain yourself more and prove yourself.


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