Restoring your SQL Server - Chicken and the Egg

Have you tested your DR plan? Do you have one?

Well if you do have one then unless you test it its worthless. There are many nuances that occur in a recovery process. The Storage Engine Team have posted about one suhc nuance.

The customer was testing their DR process which included the complete restore of the SQL Server (OS and binaries included). However SQL Server  wouldn't start after the restore. For some reason master was corrupt. So the next step was to restore master from a backup. However to restore master SQL Server needs to be running, and that needs master which is corrupt and you are trying to restore. A bit of a no win situation.

Read how you get round this on the Storage engine blog entry on restoring master when master is corrupt

Published Wednesday, September 27, 2006 8:27 AM by simonsabin


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