SSIS - Raw file reader utility

I have put together a little utility to read raw files. Before I finish it off I would like some feeback.

The current feature set is;

  • Read any SSIS Raw file
  • Results displayed in a grid
  • Columns automatically resized
  • Order of columns can be changed
  • The results can be ordered by clicking on the column headings
  • You can choose which columns to display (will improve performance for large files)
  • Data can be copied from the results grid using CTRL+C
  • Any set of cells can be copied from the results grid by using the CTRL key
  • Column headers can be included or excluded from the copied data
  • Will remember the last 10 files used
  • Reading of data can be automatic when the columns are read or the data can be read manually once you have selected the columns you want
  • Column selection mechanism is similiar to that in SSIS components
  • Notification when the currently loaded raw file has changed i.e. package is rerun
  • Opton to automatically reload file when file changes
  • Sizeable window to maximise viewing of data in the grid.

You can download it here SQL Server 2005 Integration Services Raw file reader

Published Monday, January 8, 2007 12:30 AM by simonsabin


Wednesday, February 13, 2008 4:02 PM by Abe

# re: SSIS - Raw file reader utility


Doesn't seem to work with SP2 Raw files.  Have you run into this yet?  I can select columns but nothing displays where the data should be.