OLAP or Relational? Its all irrelevant

Chris Webb has mentioned an article about Ralph Kimball that discusses the what tool you should be using at the end of your BI process to present back to users. Should it be OLAP based or Relational based.

We had exactly the same discussion in the pub after the UG meeting last week. In my view its just data, OLAP is juts another big index and MDX a means by which you can represent a query of that index. Just like we have partitioning and windowing now in SQL 2005, why in the future can't we just have OLAP structures in the "database" in the future.

That way a user doesn't have to care what the structure is, they query using a tool and get the best response.

Ok so you still hav to design your OLAP structures, but its just another structure, we have to design tables, indexes, full text indexes, partitioning, XML indexes. Why not just have another structure?


Published Friday, May 4, 2007 9:42 AM by simonsabin


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