SSAS - AverageOfChildren only applies to the time dimension

I've just spent a morning trying to figure out why my average measure doesn't average but sums.

I guess I should have googled straight away. In doing so I found this forum post

Christian also mentions this behaviour but only for the other semi additve measures, It does also apply to the AverageOfChildren measure as well

To get wrong this I created a simple calculated measure by going into the calculations tab. Clicking New Calculated Member, giving it a name and then putting in an expression like,

[Measures].[Sum Of Ping Duration]/[Measures].[Pingstat Count]

Where the [Sum Of Ping Duration] is the sum of the measure I want the average for and Pingstat Count is the number of instances of the measure.

I don't think you need to put in some divide by 0 handling because if the count is 0 then the duration will be empty and so won't be calculated.

Happy to be told the best way to do this.

Update: I've just read Mosha's post on averages which is much more detailed and a very good read.

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