Viewing Geometries on Virtual Earth

One of the biggest challenges in understanding spatial data is visualising shapes. In 2D it isn't two bad, and I have started the SpatialViewer project on codeplex (

However visualising Geography types requires a globe.Virtual Earth can come to the rescue. I have had ago at visualising shapes on Virtual Earth

Due to the need to have lots of javascript the sample is hosted on the SQLBits site 

You should be able to draw a shape on the virtual earth map and get the points in the text box below. The points are in WKT format without the geometry shape and brackets. You can also put in a set of points and add the shape.

I suggest you go to 3D mode (if you have t installed) to see how shapes are represented in virtual earth. This is not the same as the way they are represented in Sql Server. Sql Server uses shortest distance whereas VE maps
lines on a planar projection not allowing for the curve of the earth.

Draw a line from London to New York and then switch to 3D mode. The line should loop up towards the north pole, but it doesn't. It goes straight across the atlantic.

I find I get a few javascript errors, I am trying to iron these out but you should still be able to use it.

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# SQL Server 2008 : données spAtialeS, par où commencer ?

Si vous voulez la documentation , c'est ici : Designing and Implementing Spatial Storage (mais c'est