Microsoft delivery schedule - SQL slips

Following a post that SQL Server 2008 is going to RTM in Q3 2008 I was pointed to a fantastic blog on Microsofts delivery ethos .

What is sad is that MS don't generally give out a specific date of release until they know and in the case of SQL Server 2008 they have generally only said Q2 2008. Which one would think was vague enough to allow for slippage.

What does it matter when the product ships as long as it's right?

If you are desperate enough to get going with the product sooner rather than later then contact MS and try and get on an early adopters program. If not then just wait and use SQL 2005.

As for the product being right. My only gripe is with the focus on new versus old. Their is lots of new stuff in SQL 2008 but there are also many features in SQL 2005 that still need improvement. Unfortunately because they are not part of a big feature they only have severe bug fixes applied to them, rather than the incremental improvements.

If you do want a feature the best thing you can do is use connect, whilst many suggestions don't get actioned as you may like some do.

Published Monday, January 28, 2008 10:14 AM by simonsabin


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