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I've recetly updated the spatial viewer project on codeplex with some cool new features.

The majority of the functionality in the Spatial Viewer is done in client code. However because the same types and methods are used in TSQL I've added a TSQL log window that shows the TSQL required to do the actions that you do with the tool.

The viewer also has the new context menus to manipulate the geometries that you draw. For me these methods highlight the benefits of the spatial data. They are SO simple to use and hide some very complex functionality. Calculating area for instance is easy for a square, but a freeformat shape that is completely irregular where would you start. With the spatial type just specify the outline and call STArea. Similarly If you've a set of shapes and you want to find if a point is over them, you can easily use the STIntersects method.

The last two I use to, select shapes as you move the mouse over them, and also display the area of a shape when you hover over them.


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