SQL Server 2008 – iFTS New features

In the previous post I talked about Full Text in general. I will now talk about whats new in SQL Server 2008.

I would categorise the new features into Performance, Manageability and Transparency. So what’s new in SQL Server 2008, well we have,

1.       Full Text Indexes are stored in the database

2.       Full Text Query engine is part of the main SQL Server Query Engine

3.       Words in a Full Text Index are visible.

4.       Words in a document are

5.       Noise words are no longer in a text file but stored in the database and are called Stop Lists

6.       Contents of a Stop List can be amended on the fly (pre indexed content will not be amended) without restarting SQL Server

7.       Thesaurus Files can be amended on the fly without restarting SQL Server

8.       Indexes are maintained in SQL Server memory rather than the OS.

9.       A new function exists to show how a query gets translated by word breaking, stop lists and thesaurus’s

10.   A new external process is used to index content. (This is for security and stability reasons as iFilters can be written by anybody)

11.   Support for filestream data, which means you don’t have to blobs in your database and means managing file growth is easier.

If you are wondering iFTS means Integrated Full Text Search which is what it is.

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If you want to try iFTS you can download the SQL Server 2008 from here http://www.microsoft.com/sql/2008/prodinfo/download.mspx


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