February Usergroup meeting

Thanks for all those that turned up tonight it was a good turnout, if only for the beer and pizza (which was very good for those who didn't come).

We will be following up on the questions that everyone raised over the next few days. If you thought of anything else feel free to contact me.

As I mentioned during the meeting We are looking for people to help out at user group meetings and to speak. Many of you I spoke to said you had something that you would like to present. Please drop me a line and we can arrange something for the forthcomin meetings. The next one will be in TVP and the one after in London again. Your session only has to be 5 or 10 minutes (although I bet once you get started you won't be able to stop) so don't even worry about a slide deck just bring some demos.

Once again thanks for turning up and I hope to see most of you at sqlbits next weekend.

Published Friday, February 22, 2008 12:47 AM by simonsabin
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