SQL Server 2008 - Breaking bug

If you are using CTP6 of SQL Server 2008 and want to use Integrated Full Text and find it is not working. You might get timeouts or other general errors. It could be due to an account that iFTS uses.

iFTS does some stuff out of process for security and reliability in CTP6 the run this process under a local user account FDH$<instance name> by default.

However this accounts password may expire or even may be set to change on next logon (depending on domain settings etc).

If you find iFTS is not working then go into Local Users and Groups. Select the FDH$ account and check the settings. If you need to change the password there is a sp sp_fulltext_resetfdhostaccount which you can use to sync the password in SQL once you have changed it in the User manager.

 THIS ONLY APPLIES TO CTP 6 AND PRE CTP6. I've been told the behaviour is changing for future CTPs.

Published Friday, April 11, 2008 4:27 PM by simonsabin


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