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This is a great list of demo tips from Buck . I would agree with Bill that you need to change the foreground hihghlighting to change

I would also add that I find I often end up in Notepad and the command prompt so you need to set the font size in those as well.

Fortunately for the command prompt you can have a Demo Command prompt that is configured with big text.

Then there is the use of zoomit. I haven't actually used it but I know I should, especially for those areas that you can't increase the font size. Although changing your font resolution to large sccale fonts 120 dpi can help, although I've seen dialogs look odd because of this.

Finally I would add the use of a multi desktop tool that means you only have one app on one desktop. This makes things look a lot smarter and provides an easy way to flip between the different applications.

I'm working on a process for saving settings and being able to easily restore them, because changing the font sizes can be a pain.

Published Saturday, January 3, 2009 8:27 AM by simonsabin


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