A significant part of sql server process memory has been paged out

Do you have the following occuring on your SQL Server system.

If so it is likely you are running SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server 2008 Standard edition on x64 hardware.

It will be causing you serious performance issues when it occurs, as all your database pages will be removed from memory and thus SQL will have to read them again from disk. The MVP community and especially Maciej Pilecki is trying to get Microsoft to do something more proactive about it.

The problem is due to bugs in third party drivers and OS bugs.

According to Microsoft all known bugs have been fixed by the relevant vendors and so you shouldn't be experiencing this issue, if you update your system

If you are still experiencing this, which we believ many people still are, then you must contact customer support  (https://support.microsoft.com/oas/default.aspx?iid=246306&iguid=bd81e653-64b3-4bf7-bec9-798309406d4d_2_1&ln=en-gb&prid=9455&gprid=347865) to get the to provide you with details of the updates that you will need to apply to your system. My understanding is that this will not cost you anything, as it is a known bug. (Some are detailed here http://blogs.msdn.com/psssql/archive/2007/05/31/the-sql-server-working-set-message.aspx 

If after contacting CSS you are unable to get an immediate fix, or they want you to pay please comment and vote on this connect item


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