SQLBits Videos available now available

 You can watch all the sessions from SQLBits V now. They are available for download or for viewing online.

If there is a delay then just wait, the videos are high quality and so are very large.

These are the links to all the sessions

A whistlestop tour of SSIS add-ins
Achieve SQL Server 2008 High Availability and Disaster Recovery - technical case study
An introduction to Master Data Services
Building cubes from ODS or Operational Systems
Cache-warming strategies for Analysis Services 2008
Common Integration Services Problems
Creating High Performance Spatial Databases
Data & Backup Compression in SQL Server 2008
Data Visualisation with Bing Maps for Enterprise
Data Warehouse on a Fast Track forwards
Data warehousing features in SQL 2008
Designing for simplification
Designing I/O systems for SQL Server
Excel - An Excellent Data Mining Tool
Getting Dimensional with Data
I need my reports..........Yesterday!
Introducing Project Madison
Introducing SQL Server Master Data Services
Introduction of MS StreamInsight.
Introduction to the Microsoft BI Technology Stack
Let’s make SQL fly – a technical session for developers and administrators who believe in magic!
Lets go more functional - F# WHAT , WHY and BI
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2: What’s New in Reporting Services
Optimistic Concurrency Internals
Powershell – old tricks for a new dog?
Put Your Feet Up : Simplified Management using the Enterprise Policy Management Framework
Real World SQL Server High Availability
Report Builder 3
Self Service Business Intelligence- Project Gemini
Server consolidation with SQL Server
SQL 2008 Development Features
SQL Injection Attacks (and how to prevent them)
SQL Server 2008 - Unstructured Data Storage Solutions and Best practices
SQL Server optimization stuff you won’t find on Google (yet)
SQL, NoSQL, SomeSQL - A look at non-relational databases
SQLDataSources, LINQDataSources and EntityDatasources in Database Design
SSIS in SQL Server 2008
Strapped for cache? - Troubleshooting memory problems in SQL Server 2008
The R2 Duo: Running SQL Server 2008 R2 on Windows Server 2008 R2 Core
T-SQL Tuning with Colin Chapman, Enzo Ferrari, and The Stig
Using Perfmon and Profiler
Virtualising SQL Server
Vital Statistics
What's new in R2 for the DBA
When a query plan goes wrong

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