Microsoft ditches Unix in the search market

Search is one of my interests, where ever you go, whatever business you are in search is the like a holy grail, there is no answer. Search isn't just about a keyword search based on a text box, its about finding the data you want, whether its emails in your inbox, a fish and chip shop near to where you are staying or finding those customers that aren't spending as much now as they used to be.

Finding information is a painfully slow process and so any solution that can improve this is going to be a big sell. Just look at Google.

Microsoft acquired a company called FAST in 2008 and have recently announced that they are ditching support ofr it on UNIX. I can fully understand this as from my limited knowledge of FAST it started off as a product for unix and then ported to windows, as a result, like many of these ports, it didn't feel like a normal windows service and was a complete pain to get running on windows. Therefore to focus efforts on getting the windows side of the piece right they need to cut off the unix side and focus on the windows side

I do hope that some of the features from FAST will make it into SQL Server in forthcoming releases to allow you to build your own search on SQL Server. The integration of Full Text in the engine was a big step, if you want to learn more you can look at my series on full text in SQL Server 2008

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