Whats missing in the SQL Certification process?

Brent Ozar has just posted a nice interview with Joe Sack about the Microsoft Certfied Master process.


Brent asks about the gap between the MCM and the normal cert process, He nicely side stepped the point about this and said the MCM is appropriate for a DBA.

Firstly I don't know of any company that will let someone go on training for 3 weeks solid. Whats more they really need prep time before and possible retake time after. I therefore don't see the MCM as for the masses and that leaves a gaping hole between the current cert process and the MCM.

Having someone competent in doing a recovery shouldn't require them to be an MCM. However give me an MCDBA, can I be comfortable in them being able to do a recovery. NO.

Yeh so they can probably find the answer on the web and in a book, but we all know that when the *** hits the fan, you shouldn't be looking things up on Bing/Google to find the answer when your site is down and losing money.

I know some guys in the industry are looking at what to do about this and I applaud them. An example is the foundation program being run by Pragmaticworks http://www.bidn.com/blogs/DevinKnight/ssis/394/pragmatic-works-foundation-class-introduction

This will be a slow process but I feel that some sort of apprentice scheme has to be the way forward. Whilst I still agree this won't appeal to the masses that get certification it definitely will be achievable than the current MCM.

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# Whats missing in the SQL Certification process?

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