Make yourself heard – How to change SQL

We keep getting told that to get things changed with SQL Server we need to vote on connect items.

I decided to look at the top voted items

Beyond the service pack requests, 3 of the next 5 top requests are for

IntellliSense backward compatibility

SSIS VS2010 project type


I would love to see these in the product, the first two would make productivity so much better. The second just drives me nuts having to have multiple versions of VS installed IMHO screws with the performance of your machine. Especially on a 64 bit system.

Currently I have to have VS2005, VS2008 and VS2010 in order to support my clients and most of them are forward thinking but almost all have SQL 2005 systems still in place.

If you feel any of these would help you then make sure you vote.

Oh and I forgot the most important because this IMHO is a bug

User defined function performance is unacceptable

anyone using scalar user defined functions is shooting themselves in the foot. Vote on this item if you would like scalar user defined functions to perform as the should be and not 10 times slower.

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