SQL Server 2012 UK Technical Launch–your chance to speak to the people that built it

As the technical launch for SQL Server 2012 in the UK, SQLBits is the conference to attend to learn about SQL Server 2012 (Denali).

SQL Server 2012 gives amazing developments in both development, scalability and performance and high availability.

Faster Development

The additions to the TSQL language mean that you will be able to write queries easier and often perform better than previously possible. This in conjunction with the new development toolset mean your development will be faster.

10 fold performance improvement for large queries

Column store indexes will provide orders of magnitude of performance improvement for many queries especially in the BI reporting space.

Offload of backup and ETL from your core OLTP system

The always on features allowing read only mirrors and backups from the mirror mean you can offload your many processes from your hot OLTP system to your backup system.

Multiple mirrors and read only mirrors

SQL Server 2012 takes the mirroring delivered in SQL Server 2005 to another level. Now you can have multiple mirrors and they can be a mixture of synchronous and asynchronous. This means you can have local synchronous mirroring plus offsite asynchronous mirroring providing a standard failover process whether local or remote.


Not only will SQLBits have a keynote from Quentin Clark corporate vice president of Database Systems Group in SQL Server, but we have secured lots more of product team to attend.

There will have more SQL Server product team members at SQLBits X than has been at any previous event in the UK. This is your chance to speak to the people that developed the product. If you want to know about any of the new features this is your chance.

In addition to the people that wrote the product there will be more MVPs and MCMs than ever at SQLBits. These are the people that implement SQL Server and can give you the real world experience of using SQL Server and specifically SQL Server 2012 with many of then having already worked on production deployments of SQL Server 2012.

So don’t hesitate and get registering for SQLBits. The early bird finishes on Thursday so make sure you don’t miss out.

[SS Correction Early bird finished EOP on Thursday this week 5/1/2012]


About Quentin Clark:

Quentin Clark is the corporate vice president of the Database Systems Group in the Microsoft SQL Server organization, reporting to Ted Kummert, senior vice president of the Business Platforms Division. In his current role Clark is responsible for the engineering and business leadership of the database systems of SQL Server - serving Microsoft's OLTP and Data Warehousing capabilities. This responsibility includes the core relational database engine and data access, SQL Server Manageability, Parallel Data Warehouse, and advanced development work in databases, including the Gray Systems Lab in Madison.

A 17-year Microsoft veteran, Clark held a variety of roles mostly in systems technology prior to joining SQL Server, including the Internet Information Server team, Application Center and System Center. In 2002, he joined SQL Server to lead work to bring unstructured data capabilities into the data platform, a vision realized over the recent SQL Server product releases. In 2006 he took the position of general manager overseeing the core relational database engine, which led to his current role.

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# SQL Server 2012 UK Technical Launch–your chance to speak to the people that built it

As the technical launch for SQL Server 2012 in the UK, SQLBits is the conference to attend to learn about