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I fear something has gone wrong with the estimation in this plan.





Thats what you get with bad estimates combined with xml operators

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If you’ve downloaded Excel 2013 and been working with it you may have noticed the new cell transition feature. Not sure why they put it in, it feels a bit like the aero interface which I understand has been dropped in windows 8.

What you may have found is that the transition is buggy, Excel hangs, of the transition is jumpy.

Well I found the fix on

For me I did have Powerpivot for Excel enabled and disabling it made everything run smoothly.

Do disable the AddIn

1. go to File | Options

2. Select AddIns on the left

3. In the bottom of the right pane select “COM Add-ins” from the Manage drop down and Click Go


4. Make sure there is no tick next to “Power pivot for Excel”, if there is then un tick it and click Ok.


You may get an error saying you can’t enable it for this version of access but thats fine, it should now be disabled and your cell transitions should work fine.

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