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Are you looking to go to SQLBits on the cheap. If so then we have arranged some great value accommodation.

£39 per night includes a full english breakfast at the Priorslee Rooms which is a 5 minutes from the venue.

For more details on accommodation options available visit the SQLBits accommodation page

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If you’ve been reading the wires about SQL Azure you will have seen a change to the tiers that are being offered. Thsi is all so that you can get a more predictable performance level from the platform and also to enable Azure to manage the resources.

You now have 3 categories basic, standard and premium, and within those you have some other levels. This enables you to start your service at a low level and then as required request more capacity (through the portal or API).


For details on the performance aspects of the levels you can read here

Something to note is that the switch between levels may not be instant. This depends on what level you are moving from and to and the capacity available on the physical servers your DBs are currently residing on.

“An SLO change for a database often involves data movement and therefore many hours may elapse before the change request completes and the associated billing change becomes effective. Data movement occurs for changes when upgrading downgrading a database and may also occur when changing performance level of the database.”

If you’re data has to be moved then for a 150GB it could take 2 days to make the transition, 17 Hours for a 50GB DB, the rule is as follows

3 * (5 minutes + database size / 150 MB/minute)

For the exact details go to

As a note I’ve created a test DB as a standard edition. I was able to increase and decrease the level instantly. I was also able to increase the the database to a premium database instantly. This would have been due to there being capacity on the servers that the database resides. You cannot rely on this behaviour, it may or may not be instant.

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It was sad to hear today about closing down after a period of administration.

Whilst I do love books, the access to technical information, of high quality on the internet and accessible on your PC does mean the printed technical book does look to be going the way of the dinosaur.

The silver lining is that you can get some books really cheap in their closing down sale

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Our next SQLBits event in Telford in July has topped the number of registrations for the Friday and we are still over 2 months to go. This is going to be our biggest regional SQLBits ever by a long way both in terms of attendees and sessions.
I’m currently in the planning for the Friday evening party and it will be a special event.
If you care about data and work with SQL Server the SQLBits XII is an event that you do not want to miss.

Its not too late to register but I’ve been told that accommodation is in short supply so make sure you make your booking soon.

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