January 2015 - Posts

I’m very excited by to see the pubic preview of the Azure Key Vault service.

A blog has been started to cover the technical aspects and can be found here http://blogs.technet.com/b/kv/

One of the only things I’ve been speaking about in conferences recently has been compliance and encryption. https://www.sqlbits.com/Sessions/Event12/Achieving_PCI_with_SQL_Server-Dont_be_the_next_Sony

The most complex part of the the demos I do in that session is the key management story. Key management in SQL is possible but its complicated because keys are managed in the same store as the data and you have the challenge that a sysadmin has access to everything in SQL Server including the keys. That means duality is very difficult.

I’m working on a demo for how to use the Azure Key Vault instead of the using SQL Servers key management so keep posted.

If you are interested in trying it your self you can look at the technet documentation “Extensible Key Management Using Azure Key Vault (SQL Server)

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