What is Devops? The power of feedback

My heart was filled with a little joy today because someone, somewhere in the world updated an item on uservoice.

I voted on this uservoice item sometime ago, and today it was updated to say it was started.


Now historically MS and SQL have taken in feedback using connect and some would regard it as the black hole of feedback. The reason being was that

1. There was little focus on small improvements to make users better

2. There wasn’t a good ship cycle 2-3 years to wait for an item.

3. Items may get updated

4. There was no indication something was being worked on or when it would be shipped.

5. If I hit a problem I would have to implement a workaround that would last for a number of years because I know thats the ship cycle.


The difference now is that,

1. I’m getting feedback that an item I care about is being worked on. Joy

2. Importantly I know that if its being worked on, then it will likely ship in the near future, because I know there is a continuous cadence of delivery. Joy


If there wasn’t a continuous process then even if an item was flagged as being worked I’d think what difference does it make, I’m not getting it for another x years.

I am also super excited about the prospect of features being delivered for the core SQL tooling now they have decided to ship Management Studio at a different cadence to that of the engine. http://blogs.msdn.com/b/sqlreleaseservices/archive/2015/06/24/sql-server-management-studio-june-2015-release.aspx Yipee at long last.

The feedback cycle is one area that many companies don’t focus on but is core to the wider devops practice that companies are now adopting.

Published Wednesday, July 15, 2015 11:13 AM by simonsabin


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