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If you are eager to get office 2016, I would there are some really nice features, you might be wondering how.

There is no automated update (that’s coming next year) and if you go to Office 365 and download software you will just get 2013 (the latest ??? go figure)


What latest actually means is latest on the branch of office you are configured for.

If you want the bleeding edge then you need to say so in the service settings of office 365image

To do this

  1. Go to the admin section of office 365.
  2. Select Service Settings
  3. Select Updates

and you will get a screen like that on the left. You can choose whether you want all users or individual users on the Standard Release or the First Release (aka early adopters).

To get Office 2016 at the moment you need to be on the First Release.

Once you do that you will get another section in the download software page that gives you the option to “try the next version of Office”

From here you can install the latest 32 or 64 bit version of office 365.

If you are a company and need to do a bit more planning then have a look at

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I recently upgrade to Excel 2016 (read this on how to get it with Office 365) and couldn’t for the life of me find PowerView.

Power View is included as an add in for excel 2016 and so i assumed like power query that its menu had been consumed into another menu but no couldn’t find it.

I checked add-ins and as expected the add-in wasn’t enabled and so I enabled it, but I still couldn’t find it.

As it turned out the menu item to insert a Power View sheet is turned off by default and so you need to not just enable the menu (like you do for the developer menu) but you actually have to add the “Insert Power View Sheet” command into the ribbon.

The steps to do this can be found here


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