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I’m constantly amazed at the rate at which blockers for adoption for Azure SQL Database are being removed. With the advent of V12 servers we got the same core services as on premise. Since then we’ve got full text, encryption, row level security, transparent data encryption and more.

Last week Torsten Grabs blogged about the next big thing which not only enables cross database queries but some other great elastic scale features.

You can read about the details here ttps://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/querying-remote-databases-in-azure-sql-db/

We’re working on some posts on how to easily move your on premise DBs to SQL Azure and utilise these new features.

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Many people are fortunate enough to have laptops or desktops that enable high resolution displays. If you try and run SQL Server management studio on those displays you will see everything is minute and unreadable.



The solution is to use scaling to increase the size of fonts and other components so you can the fonts and push the buttons.

I use 150% on my surface Pro 3 and it works well for most apps.

Unfortunately for this to work properly your app needs to handle the scaling correctly. many apps the font sizes are increased but not the dialog sizes, of the icons, resulting in an unusable dialog.

This is definitely the case for SQL Server Management Studio.

Luckily for you i was pointed towards a post by an italian SQL guy Gianluca Sartori that shows you how you can enable SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to work with high resolution monitors and DPI scaling



Happy viewing

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