SQL 2016 Technical Deep Dive Video – Azure

This is the set of videos from the SQL Server Engineering Team on SQL Server 2016. This post is covering SQL Server and the Microsoft Data Platform in Azure.

For the other groups of videos have a look at.

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Azure VM is the best platform for SQL Server 2016

Discusses why Azure Virtual Machine is the best cloud platform to run SQL Server 2016. It provides an overview of the SQL Server deployment, configuration, management and monitoring.

Stretch Database- Leverage infinite storage and compute capacity in Azure with SQL Server 2016
Joe Yong (LinkedIn)

Are business requirements or industry/legal regulations requiring you to keep data for extended periods of time? Is your database growing to unmanageable sizes and are storage costs dominate your IT budget? On this Data Driven session, learn how SQL Server 2016 Stretch Database allows you to keep as much data as you want while reducing maintenance efforts and overall costs without changing your application.

In-Memory OLTP in SQL Server
Jos de Bruijn (LinkedIn|Twitter)

Learn how In-Memory OLTP delivers performance improvements up to 30X for transactional workloads in SQL Server and Azure SQL Database. See how enhancements made in SQL Server 2016 make it easier to use and adopt in your applications, and improve performance and increase scalability even further.

Fraud Analysis using a hybrid implementation of Azure SQL Data Warehouse and SQL 2016 Reporting
Matt Goswell (LinkedIn|Twitter) and Sanjay Soni (LinkedIn)

On this Data Driven session, find out how business models are becoming more reactive in order to adapt to changing market conditions and channel opportunities. With the increase in breadth comes an increase of potential fraud, making Microsoft data warehousing capabilities critical in managing large volumes of disparate and relational data. Learn how to combine it for fast, accurate and validated information beautifully visualized through Microsoft Power BI and SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services including Mobile BI. Be connected to your data anywhere in the world, all with the immersive power and experience of touch.

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