SQL 2016 Technical Deep Dive Video – BI and Integration and reporting

This is the set of videos from the SQL Server Engineering Team on SQL Server 2016. This post is covering BI, Reporting and Integration.

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Hybrid BI- Accessing on-premises data with Power BI
Dimah Zaidalkilani (LinkedIn)

In this Data Driven session, we walk through the various ways to keep your reports and dashboards in Power BI current. If you have on-premises data sources such as SQL Server that you've been waiting to refresh from Power BI – this session is for you!

Design Mobile Reports (SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher)

We review how to create Mobile Reports, which are new to SQL Server Reporting Services 2016. The new Mobile Report Publisher is so simple to use that anyone – even a user with minimal technical skills – can create effective mobile reports that scale perfectly to all screen form-factors, including phones, tablets, and modern web browsers.

Create shared data sources and datasets for your reports
Riccardo Muti (LinkedIn|Twitter)

On this Data Driven session, see how SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services enables you to access both traditional, paginated reports as well as the new mobile reports using modern browsers and mobile devices thanks to a brand-new web portal and Power BI mobile apps.

Monitor critical business metrics and trends at a glance with KPIs
Christopher Finlan (LinkedIn|Twitter)

In this Data Driven session, we'll review the new KPI functionality in Reporting Services, which enables the rapid publishing of key metrics in a way that guarantees premium native user experiences on all device and screen form-factors.

Access reports in modern browsers and mobile devices
Riccardo Muti (LinkedIn|Twitter) and Christopher Finlan (LinkedIn|Twitter)

On this Data Driven session, see how SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services lets you access both traditional, paginated reports as well as the new mobile reports by using modern browsers and a brand-new web portal built on HTML5 technology. Additionally, you can access your KPIs and mobile reports on your smartphone or tablet using the Power BI apps available for all major mobile platforms.

Design modern paginated reports
Riccardo Muti (LinkedIn|Twitter)

On this Data Driven session, find out how we've overhauled Reporting Services in SQL Server 2016 to provide a modern, on-premises solution for deploying and managing reports within your organization. You can continue to create paginated reports - what you traditionally think of as Reporting Services reports - and also create mobile reports which are optimized for smartphones and tablets. In this video, we'll focus on how we've modernized and enhanced paginated reports - both the tools you use to design and view them as well as the reports themselves.

Effortlessly Analyze Data History Using Temporal
Jovan Popovic (LinkedIn)

On this Data Driven session, find out how temporal support in SQL Server 2016 enables you to easily keep an entire history of changes in your tables, go back to any point in time and run interesting analyses. See how easily you can use temporal tables in SQL Server 2016.

Real-Time Operational analytics with SQL Server 2016
Sunil Agarwal (LinkedIn|Twitter)

On this Data Driven session, we'll go over how Real-Time Operational Analytics in SQL Server 2016 combines two industry leading SQL Server technologies–In-memory OLTP and In-memory Analytics–using Columnstore index. Learn how it enables the creation of columnstore indexes directly on transactional tables which eliminates the need for a separate data warehouse and data movement. See how your transactional workload can continue to run with minimal performance impact while colunmstore index speeds up analytics.

SSAS Tabular semantic model updates for SQL Server 2016
Kasper de Jonge (LinkedIn|Twitter)

In this Data Driven session, we take a look at the updates to the Analysis Services Semantic model which now adds over 50 new DAX functions and support for many patterns and translations.

Analysis Services DirectQuery for Tabular models
Kasper de Jonge (LinkedIn|Twitter)

On this Data Driven session, we'll go over updates to Analysis Services DirectQuery and how to build a semantic model over your data for consistency across reporting and analysis without storing any data in Analysis Services itself. The new update enables high performing direct access to data without storing or caching aggregates in Analysis Services which gives you performance enhancements up to 20x faster than in previous versions of SSAS.

SSIS Catalog Custom Logging Levels SQL Server 2016
Matt Masson (LinkedIn|Twitter)

In this Data Driven session, you'll get a glimpse of new functionalities included within SQL Server Integration Services 2016. Learn how to define custom logging levels for package executions within the SSIS Catalog and about the ssis_logreader role for seeing the SSIS logs. The best part is, you don't need to be DBA / Admin anymore to have access to the logs. Lastly, we discuss benefits such as how to capture the exact information you need and the flexibility of roles and reporting, to give you deeper insights into SSIS package catalogs.

Fraud Analysis using a hybrid implementation of Azure SQL Data Warehouse and SQL 2016 Reporting
Matt Goswell (LinkedIn|Twitter) and Sanjay Soni (LinkedIn)

On this Data Driven session, find out how business models are becoming more reactive in order to adapt to changing market conditions and channel opportunities. With the increase in breadth comes an increase of potential fraud, making Microsoft data warehousing capabilities critical in managing large volumes of disparate and relational data. Learn how to combine it for fast, accurate and validated information beautifully visualized through Microsoft Power BI and SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services including Mobile BI. Be connected to your data anywhere in the world, all with the immersive power and experience of touch.

Master Data Services 2016
Rama Raman (LinkedIn)

Master Data Services is a multi-dimensional platform that allows enterprises to manage and curate their master data. Over the past releases of Master Data Services, we received great feedback from our customers and have addressed many of the requests in the new SQL Server 2016 release. This Data Driven session will provide you insights into these new capabilities.

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